In August 2019
we flew to Denver, rented a car and
drove north to Scottsbluff,
Chimney Rock, the Black Hills, the
Badlands, Devils Tower, Devils
Kitchen, Yellowstone, the Grand
Tetons, Bryce Canyon, the North
Rim of the Grand Canyon, Four
Corners, Mesa Verde and the Great
Sand Dune NP. Epic.
2019 Western
Chimney Rock
Crazy Horse Monument
Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD
Little Devils Tower Trail, Black Hills, SD
Mt Baldy Trail
just behind Mt Rushmore
a gajillion Lady Bugs!
The Badlands!
Devils Kitchen
a Gastrolith (probably Creataceous)
possibly Coprolite (also probably Creataceous)
little friends
Avalanche Peak, Yellowstone
The Grand Tetons
Hike on Hermitage Trail
Cascade Canyon Trail, Grand Tetons
Boiling River soak!
Salt Lake City

Bryce Canyon
from our cabin's front porch ...................... and out our window
Four Corners
Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs